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British TV

British TV and Radio before 1957 are PD.  This means that we can have them on this area.  We have a few on already and will be moving them to a special Area for British PD Television.  The problem is, in the United States, much of this is not available for me to get onto the system.  Here is the crux, if any of you have British TV done prior to 1957 then would you please make it available to the system and we can get it uploaded and displayed.  Let us know in the Forum area.  This Yank enjoys the early British Humor.


what is public domain

Public Domain is something that is NOT Copyrighted.  TV and Movies for Free does not deal in copyrighted material unless express permission is given to us by the Copyright Holder.  If you do see something that you have the copyright for and want it down, use our forum area to ask for it's removal.  But you must BE the copyright holder to make that request or their legal representative in order ensure it's immediate removal.


Free TV and Movies for Free

TV Movies for Free is connected with other sites that bring you the best in Movies, TV and Arcade Games.  From classic TV to Old Movies to Military History.  And we are adding a Music Site as well.  There should be something for everyone. has all kinds of Classic and Public Domain TV and Movie Videos.  These are normally not just clips but the entire presentation. 

For TV, it goes from 1938 (the first transocianic transmission) to the 70s.  Many are Public Domain but there are also quite a few Classic TV videos as well. 

Movies are from all times starting about 1919 when the first popular silent movies were indroduced. 

Remember the days of the BBS or Bulletin Board?  There was the most successful game called Legend of the Red Dragon of all BBS time.  Here it is after it's been soaked in Green instead of Red.  But it's the same game. is a huge collection for the Military Buffs of the world.  From about 1907 to the Future. 


We are about one thing: the very best adult music. On our station you'll hear everyone from the geniuses who gave birth to the progressive sounds of the 60's and 70's, such as Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne & James Taylor, to the musical heirs of those legends, like Led Zepplin, Dave Matthews Band, Tool, Pink Floyd, Sheryl Crow, David Gray & Mumford & Sons, ZZ Top, just to name a few.

We hope you'll let us know what you like and what you don't like. After all, bringing people together is one of the things music does best. We hope you'll invite your friends along as well!
Break out your Game Face.  Arcadia Fun is all about games and arcades.  There are thousands of Games including html5 games for your Mobile Phone.  So get on it and play.  Unlike many others, this is really and truly free.  You don't need to buy to get to the next level.



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