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British TV

British TV and Radio before 1957 are PD.  This means that we can have them on this area.  We have a few on already and will be moving them to a special Area for British PD Television.  The problem is, in the United States, much of this is not available for me to get onto the system.  Here is the crux, if any of you have British TV done prior to 1957 then would you please make it available to the system and we can get it uploaded and displayed.  Let us know in the Forum area.  This Yank enjoys the early British Humor.


what is public domain

Public Domain is something that is NOT Copyrighted.  TV and Movies for Free does not deal in copyrighted material unless express permission is given to us by the Copyright Holder.  If you do see something that you have the copyright for and want it down, use our forum area to ask for it's removal.  But you must BE the copyright holder to make that request or their legal representative in order ensure it's immediate removal.

  Anyone can question the copyright by asking about it in the Forums.  It does me good to have to do the research.  Hey, I could be right but I also could be wrong.  Saying it's still under copyright will only make me do the research.  If it is then it gets removed.

Right now, we have NO copyrighted material on this system at all.  All have been painstakingly researched to ensure that they are NOT copyrighted.

request an addition

Just use the Forums to contact us and we will see what we can do.  But if you are looking for first run movies or pirated videos, we won't add them.

TV and Movies is coming Back is under construction and will be bringing you a ton of TV, Movies, Cartoons, Silent, Serials, Vintage Radio and more.  All are there for you to enjoy without worrying about copyright protection.  This NOT a Pirate Site and requesting new movies and TV will be denied without the express permission of the current copyright holder. 

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TV and Movies for Free only have Movie and TV Videos that are Public Domain.  We are very open and friendly with our provider and have an excellent working relationship with them.  No Movie, TV and Radio Videos you see on here is on another system.  All are locally held.  We neither solicit nor ask for any funding from you.  We don't even have a "Donate" button like most.  It's Public Domain.  Why pay for Public Domain.  It's free and that's what we try and do here.  Keep it free.
Now, if you were to click on one of our advertisers once in awhile, we won't complain.  Or you can ignore them and enjoy the site.

 Tips to Enjoy TV and Movies

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3. Enjoy the Flicks

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enjoy the flicks


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